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James Franko

“Larry Greenberg asks: Do you have a favorite movie monster?

James Franko: I’m a big fan of these recent indie-level horror movies. I loved It Follows, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and The Babadook. As far as monsters go, I guess I’m still a huge Dracula fan. My father gave me the book when I was pretty young, so I’ve been a diehard Dracula fan since I was a teenager.”

James Franko


Lawrence R. Greenberg

Lawrence R. Greenberg, PMP founded Poni TV after a conversation with Quentin Tarantino where he was told “you can direct a movie at any age”. Greenberg has experience as a director, producer, camera operator, DP, lighting director, actor, and editor. He works as director for a live TV talk show, as writer/director for a zombie sketch comedy show and has produced commercials for TV, Internet, and industrial use. Greenberg has posed interview questions to stars including Nicolas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, and M. Night Shyamalan. He teaches chroma key at Princeton Digital Media Center and works in a number of production capacities for Poni TV, ADP films, and Princeton Community Television. Read more