I was a little sleep deprived that day on the New Jersey Turnpike with my good friend and then business partner Aine Mickey. We had spent the morning shooting a golf event at a country club and now we were headed North to Edison to shoot an industrial gig with a lawyer in an office building.

The name I had used for the business for the last ten years, Poni TV, just didn’t fit anymore. Swerving between eighteen wheel trucks I said to Aine “I want to call the company Gluten Free Productions”. My thinking was sound. We didn’t use gluten in any of our projects as far I could tell. Certainly there was gluten in the craft services but none of that made it into the films we produced for our clients. The occasionally sensible, mostly amicable, and always competent Aine liked the idea and then she delivered the  coup de grâce for the discussion. “What about Cage Free? Cage Free is as hot as Gluten Free”

Cage Free Projects was born that day in a car stuffed with filmmakers gear careening North on the New Jersey Turnpike. But why projects? It goes back to a conversation that I had with David Romero what feels like a thousand years ago. I was talking about companies, the companies I had helped to build like Princeton Business Systems, Princeton eCom, Acolyte, PayTrust, Allbridge, etc looking for the next business to create. David insisted that it wasn’t about companies at all, it was about Projects. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. This was the need and this was our forte. Whether we were making a film, a software platform, or a not-for-profit organization, it was always a project.

Cage Free Projects are designed to fulfill the dreams of our customers. Cage Free Projects are undertaken in two main categories:

  • Creative – films, commercials, websites, industrial video, book covers, brand image consulting
  • Technical – browser based and PC based software for text messaging, contact and case management, payment systems, statements and customer portals

Regardless of the undertaking, every project must have a clear purpose with well defined objectives. Work is performed in consultation with clients. We don’t take the throw-it-over-the-fence approach. I like to stay with you every step of the way so that we can deliver the best possible result within the given budget. Delivering enduring quality is the most important tenant. When everything else is gone and forgotten, the output of the project will live on.

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