The premier film from Vandana Mathur shines honest insight into the superstitions that so many of us take for granted.

Superstitions play an important role in many people’s lives. It’s a part of the tradition that is followed by the families without much scientific logic. The documentary “Superstitions”  was filmed to capture different superstitions followed by different people with no common ethnic background and the similarity in it. The participants came from different countries but all of them had the superstition about the evil eye, scissors, funeral and so on. It was extremely interesting to find the common ground.

The Writer and Producer Vandana Mathur has been teaching ESL in community college as well as working a full time job. Mathur has been meaning to make documentaries for a long time now and finally made it. She is looking to make more documentaries on topics that are close to her heart.


Vibha Patel

Vandana Mathur

Vandana Mathur

Director of Photography
Scott Silvester

Priscilla Devine 
Nick Mellis
Ashish Mathur
Nazira Omuralieva
Betsy Stern

Edited by Vibha Patel
Edited by Lawrence R. Greenberg
Grip Jim Harlin
Grip Nick Mellis
Camera Lawrence R. Greenberg

Production Studio
Riverview Studios, Bordentown, NJ

Post Production and release by
Lawrence R. Greenberg
Cage Free Projects, New Hope, PA

Vandana Mathur says I absolutely had no idea where to begin. I took a class at community college and NJFS and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I found a group of aspiring filmmakers and presented my topic that I was interested in to make the documentary. 

I then contacted my friends and asked them if they were interested in being a part of the documentary and can talk about the superstitions they follow or they know about. In the meantime, I wrote a few questions that needed to be asked, got a waiver form ready and discussed it with my director. She then contacted the studio owner where we shot this documentary and he agreed to give his studio as well as his camera and the entire set up to film. We had about 6 people and we all came together to shoot the film. After that, I wrote the script to be used for the documentary. 

Once it was shot, the director did the first cut of the interviews and then we got the film edited by the editor. 

After it was approved by all, it was a completed project. 

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