Cage Free Projects creates software

Let Cage Free manage your technology project. Hardware, software, or both – I’ll make certain that your build out goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some examples of software projects:

Donor Database and Payment Management – The client had a working system but the platform was obsolete and the feature set prevented them from growing their business. The company that had created the system quoted a high cost to upgrade the system and then failed to deliver the upgrade. Cage Free Projects was called in to clean up the mess. The project cost less than $5,000 and took less than 90 days. The client now has the full set of features that they wanted on an open modern relational database platform.

Text Message Pledges for Events – The client was looking at a system that allowed donors to pledge donations during an event by text messages. As each pledge was made, the messages would appear on screens placed throughout the event venue. The client had used a service for prior events that took a percentage of the donations and was only partially automated. For less than half of the prior years cost, Cage Free developed a fully automated system that the client could use for this event and future events.

Web Site Integration Projects – Clients often have separate systems that they would like integrated with their websites, for example a doctor’s office wanted to be able to direct patients to their web site to make their own appointments. Cage Free Projects integrated an API from the the doctor’s scheduling system with the doctor’s web site. We are available for all types of eCommerce integration projects and media integration projects.

I keep busy with the management of , a new twist on crowd funding called Red Bow White Box, an award winning video production company, a marketing position for a technology company called that specializes in complex data processing systems and data extraction using artificial intelligence, and an LED lighting manufacturer that I am affiliated with.

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional. It is a professional certification like a CPA or CFA.


          • Cage Free Projects – founder
          • Poni TV – founder
          • American Cash Exchange – founder (one of three)
          • SiMX – Director of Marketing
          • Acolyte Industries – One of the founders
          • Red Bow White Box – founder (one of three)
          • Albridge, an Affiliate of Pershing – founder (one of six)
          • Paytrust – CTO
          • Princeton Business Systems – founder

I have been online (pretty much continuously) since the beginning of the web and I have a lot of home pages (not to mention many compromising photos).  When I signed up for a Yahoo account, I wanted the username  It was already taken.  Apparently , my sense of humor is not unique.  Instead I created the alter ego “JustAnotherClue”.  You will find JustAnotherClue on comments, reviews, and postings all over the place.  The good ones are mine and the others must be someone else.

Why Just Another Clue?  Don’t look for any one  answer.  Each step, each bit knowledge is just another clue in a journey toward a greater understanding/light.

I am an early adopter of technology and was involved in developing a few of the basic payment processes that we now take for granted.  Contrary to popular belief, I did not make a mountain of cash working on these systems so  I am available if you are looking for help and have a budget for a guy like me.

I can help you in managing your technology assets.  I can bring resources, including those you already have, to bear for solving even your most intractable technology problems.

Have your people contact my people. We'll do lunch.